Hope (hopechan) wrote,

Not a whole lot to report of late. Applying to the Russian master's program here at University of Arizona. It does not, shall we say, appear to be the single most reputable program in the world; it appears as though all I'm going to need to get in is three recommendations and a transcript. No essay, no GRE. Still, I'm not terribly torn up about all of this; it'll be nice to get back into a classroom - particularly for an experience that'll only run me about, God and the bursar willing, $6000 for the year.

Anyway. I've been cooking up a storm of late! My parents are part of a farm-share, so for the first time in a long time I have ample fresh produce - and, most awesomely, produce where I don't really know what I'm getting till I get it, which necessitates creativity. Things I've made in the past two weeks or so:

-Kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)
-Bibimbap (Korean rice/vegetable bowl)
-Crab cakes with a v. salty (but still delicious!) aioli
-My signature lemon basil cookies
-Pasta puttanesca (So easy! This is seriously my go-to lazy/cheap pasta recipe. My particular tip? If someone you're cooking for hates anchovies, use tuna - the flavor is much broader and less delicate, less distinctively puttanesca, but it's also more broadly appealing.)
-Beet and goat cheese salad
-Lemon-garlic chicken breasts with a white wine shallot sauce. Man, I marinated these chicken breasts with an extra-strong marinade because I got started on them late and then I ended up falling asleep and then they ended up marinating overnight and I was freaking out but then, SURPRISE, BEST EVER.
-Green chile stew, A NEW MEXICO TRADITION
-Enchiladas with homemade chile verde sauce.

If anyone wants a recipe, I definitely write them out. Joan, my friend from New York, actually just FedExed me this absolutely precious recipe binder as a gift and a way to remember her by - since she can't cook for beans, she's told me I have to make a cookbook for her so that she can learn. So that's my new resolution - to actually write down the recipes of what I cook, rather than just improvising.

Anyway, thank you all for your constant well-wishes. You guys are such darlings, and I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet even though I'm a lame who's neglected all of you for like the past two years. SUCH LOVE.
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